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Company overview

We are an experienced company and have already been in the market for Nineteen years. We have in-house interior decorators well as in-house handyman services. RM REALTORS also offers the following services: Rental incomes for investors form an integral part of our service and we are therefore in a position to help tenants and owners quickly and efficiently. The demand for rentals is increasing in the Pretoria / Centurion / Midrand areas and this bodes well for our industry.

Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our clients and build good, solid and lasting relationships with our satisfied clients whilst improving our market share continuously. We subscribe to high ethical standards and abide by a strict code of conduct to ensure peace of mind.

As an owner of property, we understand how difficult it can be to manage your investments yourself. That is why RM REALTORS will do it for you!

- We provide and approve suitable clients for the renting of your property;

- We collect the rent and other costs from the tenant;

- Maintaining your property;

- Therefore giving you the owner peace of mind.


• Internet advertisements

• Internal referral network

• Erecting 'To Let' boards outside the property (where it is allowed )

• ITC checks on our potential tenants (blacklisting status)

• Verifying credit status from referrals by previous letting agencies

• Income and expenditure balance sheets


RM REALTORS works on a 10% commission structure which is negotiable by mutual agreement

• Commission is payable on a month to month basis

• The agreed monthly amount will be deducted from the rent collected


• When in breach, the tenant will contractually be responsible for all legal cost of action taken against him / her

• A dedicated panel of attorneys will assist in the litigation of these matters

• The tenant is liable for paying any administration cost arising from not abiding by the body corporate rules and regulations


• Routine inspections during the lease period

• The owner may give RM REALTORS an optional action allowance up to R1000 to use towards major defects, to cover blocked drains and serious water leakages, which may seriously damage the unit if not attended to immediately

Who pays the insurance on the premises?

The owner pays insurance on the structure of the property. The body corporate (sectional title properties) of the complex will also have insurance on the structure.

Who pays for the repair of damages to the property?

If the inspection indicates any damages are due to the negligence of the tenant, the tenant is responsible for the cost of repairs on such damages. The tenant will have to obtain two quotes for the repairs of the damage, and will also be liable for the payment of the labour costs of these repairs. Alternatively, the deposit will be forfeited and will be used to cover the cost of such repairs.

What happens to improvements made by the tenant on the property?

Depending on the improvements made, no fixtures may be removed from the property when the tenant vacates the property. However, the tenant and the owner may negotiate on the possible removal of larger improvements made by the tenant.

When will the contract lapse?

The contract will lapse on the last day of the lease period as agreed upon in the lease agreement. The contract will also be cancelled after a two months' written notice from the tenant stating that he / she wishes to cancel the contract when the lease period expires.


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